Editor's Choice Articles

December 2021

Signify acquires Telensa

Installed base of smart streetlights nears 20 million

Bouygues to upgrade 43,000 street lights with LEDs and smart controls for Suffolk County Council, UK

Smart street lights to save Christchurch, NZ ratepayers $1.5m

Smart street lights trialled in Lyon only illuminate if someone passes

Lighting the Regions to slash millions in energy and maintenance costs

Parramatta leads way with largest smart streetlighting upgrade in NSW

New Zealand's largest dark sky reserve one step closer

New York State Ahead of Schedule in Retrofitting 500,000 Streetlights with Energy-efficient LEDs

Egypt to replace 1.5 million more street lights with smart LEDs

The Future of Street Lighting in Smart Cities – The Benefits of 2-node Architecture

Telensa demonstrates TALQ interoperability on Georgia street lights

The argument for switching off lights at night - BBC Future

Light pollution from street lamps linked to insect loss - BBC News

July 2021

Laval, Canada to convert 37,000 street lights to LEDs with smart controls

Seoul, South Korea rolling out multi-function poles to improve amenity, safety and convenience

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia deploying 74,000 LEDs with smart controls

Questions in Dublin, Ireland about glare from 4000K LEDs

Magnetic Island, QLD introduces low colour temperature LEDs to protect turtles

UCLA-Smithsonian research confirms yellow-rich LEDs less harmful for insects

North Yorkshire, UK deploying 50,000 LEDs while protecting darks skies in National Parks

February 2021

New Zealand village uses smart street lighting controls to protect endangered birds

Hertfordshire County Council in UK to use smart street lighting controls to address climate emergency

US utility, Ameren Illinois, replacing 350,000 street lights with LEDs

Outdoor lighting may be shifting bird migration by more than a week

Australian study shows outdoor lighting disrupting bird sleep patterns

Controversial study of link between outdoor lighting and thyroid cancer disputed