SLSC Partners

Through our corporate and government/association partners, IPWEA is delivering SLSC Programme resources which assist our 4,000+ members gain the information and advice that they need to be able to make informed decisions about LEDs, smart controls and inter-related smart city deployments. 100% of the 50 largest councils, 80% of main road authorities, the majority of utilities in Australia and over 100 specialist consulting firms have downloaded the SLSC Programme's key documents, with a similar take up of these materials in New Zealand.

In addition to providing education and resources in this area, IPWEA works jointly with our partners in advocating for regulatory change in order to address policy issues in a rapidly changing field.

SLSC Corporate Partners

Thank you to our corporate partners who provide industry/specialist information, commercial and technical input into SLSC publications, tools and training resources as well as advice on the direction of the SLSC Programme and assistance with advocacy work.

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IPWEA may seek further corporate partners from respected organisations that have demonstrated high levels of technical knowledge in street lighting, smart controls and smart city issues. For more information about becoming one of our corporate partners, contact us at

Government, Association and Other Partners

Thank you to our Commonwealth government, local government, association and other partners who provide us with a range of input on into SLSC publications, tools and training resources. Each has been specifically invited to participate in the Programme because of their demonstrated leadership in this space.

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